About US


Who is CaHPSA?


CaHPSA is an alliance of passionate health professional students that advocate for a health care system that is truly universal, comprehensive, and affordable. As the future of our health care system, it is up to us to change things. We ask you to join us and help us make health care history!


What does CaHPSA do?

We work to educate health professional students about Single-Payer Health Care and various healthcare systems with special emphasis on the American Health Care system. Our state team oragnizes three events every year: a Northern California Conference, a Southern California Conference, and a Lobby Day. Lastly, we aim to build and maintain CaHPSA chapters at health professional schools across California.

CaHPSA Statewide Positions

Statewide Coordinator

NorCal President

SoCal President

NorCal Lobby Day Coordinator

SoCal Lobby Day Coordinator

NorCal Conference Coordinator

SoCal Conference Coordinator

NorCal Chapter Development Officer

SoCal Chapter Development Officer

NorCal Legislation Officer

SoCal Legislation Officer

NorCal Education Officer

SoCal Education Officer

NorCal Recruitment/Outreach Officer

SoCal Recruitment/Outreach Officer

NorCal Fundraising Officer

SoCal Fundraising Officer

NorCal Media Officer

SoCal Media Officer

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Leadership Positions here

Our Purpose

  1. 1.Support Healthcare equality via a Single Payer system.

2. Engender a sense of professional responsibility among health professional students to become advocates for health system change.

3. Educate and train future health professionals to become effective advocates.

CaHPSA   History

Our Values

1. Health care is a human right

2. Health professionals have the opportunity to demonstrate great leadership

3. We strive to be inclusive of all who share similar missions and goals