Who is CaHPSA?

Our organization consists of over 3,000 undergraduates, medical students, and health professional students who are interested in developing health advocacy skills that can be utilized to effect change in the health care system. Members are able to apply their experiences to better communicating the need for an improved medicare-for-all health care system in which all people can have access to necessary health and medical services.

CaHPSA is the official autonomous student program of California Physicians Alliance (CaPA).

What does CaHPSA do?

CaHPSA organizes conferences, workshops, and presentations aimed at helping students develop effective health advocacy skills, promoting a sense of social responsibility, encouraging collaboration.

Every year, we host educational and networking events, such as the Activate U. and Health4All conferences. Our members participate in community health fairs, engage students on college and university campuses.

We also support efforts by our allies and partners to improve the current health care system by participating in legislative visits, community education, and outreach events.

In addition, CaHPSA is also committed to helping people get health coverage now. Through our Project White Coat program, we have helped over 400 families enroll in Medi-Cal or another form of health insurance.

We have multiple CaHPSA chapters at university and college campuses in Northern and Southern California. Chapters consist of undergraduates, medical students, graduate students, and recent graduates. All chapters hold regular events for members and interested students.

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