CaHPSA at UC Davis:

The University of California, Davis chapter of CaHPSA was established in 2014 for one sole reason - to advocate for those who don’t have a voice and face hardships when trying to access health care. We are fighting for health care justice for all. Any student at UC Davis including undergrads, grads, and faculty.

A Past Event Highlight: Paving the Way with Dr. Dennis Pocekay

On February 11, we hosted a discussion event for all CaHPSA members and interested students. Dr. Dennis Pocekay (MD, MPH), who has been a doctor at Kaiser Permanente for over 20 years and specializes in occupational medicine and preventative medicine, discussed the U.S. health care system and the effects of private companies on public health.

Current Leadership Team

Left to right: Alyssa Kwan (Vice President),Daniel Ye (President),Jesus Lopez (Events Coordinator),Mary Pham (Secretary),Nishant Prakash (Publicity Officer)

  • Jesus Lopez, President
  • Alyssa Kwan, Vice President
  • Jesus Lopez, Events Coordinator
  • Mary Pham, Secretary
  • Nishant Prakash, Publicity Officer
  • Joanne Snap, Adviser

Point of contact: Jesus Lopez, President and Events Coordinator

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