Lobby Day is CaHPSA’s flagship event, held annually in Sacramento, California with an attendance of over 500 pre-health and medical university/college students, health & medical professionals, and community health activists.

The two-day event includes:

Day I: Leadership and Training Conference

The Leadership and Training Conference features collaboration between health professional student leaders, physicians, public officials, immigration activists, and health policy experts. Our goal is to help students learn about the legislation we support, health care reform, challenges facing the undocumented, and preparing an effective meeting with legislators. The conference consists of presentations and workshops that prepare participants for their legislative visits on Day II. Each attendee is a member of a legislative team assigned to speak with the elected officials of their own district.

Day II: Rally, Legislative Visits (Day of Action)

The Day of Action starts with a march on Capitol Mall, up to the steps of the Capitol where we hold a big rally. After the rally, we break into our legislative teams and go inside to tell our elected officials why we care about healthcare equality, the fundamental right to healthcare, and our support for the legislation of interest (e.g. SB 10).

Past Lobby Days

Lobby Day 2016

The 10th annual Lobby Day was held on May 15 & 16 at Sacramento. This year’s focus was on advocating for Senate Bill 10, and single payer. SB 10 proposed the creation of an ACA section 1332 waiver to allow undocumented people to purchase health coverage plans through Covered California without subsidies. SB 10 was a two-year bill on suspense earlier in the year. CaHPSA’s Lobby Day was held a week before the hearing to bring the bill out of suspense (3rd week of May).

 In June 2016, SB 10 was signed into law, expanding the option to purchase health coverage to all Californian adults, regardless of documentation status.

Lobby Day 2015

During Lobby Day 2015, CaHPSA lobbied on behalf of SB 4 #Health4All which proposed that all Californians, including undocumented individuals, can access health coverage. The bill was amended and passed in October 2015 to expand access to health coverage to all kids (#Health4AllKids). We celebrated this victory and milestone, as all Californian children, including undocumented children, would now be able to get coverage, something they need and deserve. CaHPSA and our allies moved forward knowing that our next step would be to advocate for all adults to have the option to purchase health coverage, regardless of their documentation status.

Lobby Day 2014

“Completely Covering California”

Lobby Day 2014 was organized in Los Angeles (1/11) and Berkeley (1/25) as a unique opportunity to create an advocacy strategy that educates students across the state, while simultaneously contributing to the strategic plan to reach single payer in California put forth by members of the AllCare Alliance. It was created to give members and community health activists an opportunity to voice their support for an improved health care system with their legislators in SoCal and NorCal.

Lobby Day 2013

CaHPSA students rallied around the State Capitol in support of single payer healthcare reform. Students met with over 70 legislative officials to inform them on SB810, the California Universal Healthcare Act.

Lobby Day 2012

Lobby Day 2011

Lobby Day 2010

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