Advocating for Healthcare Justice.
Empowering Future Leaders.

We are open to ALL Students and recent graduates

Free Membership


Advocating for Healthcare Justice.
Empowering Future Leaders.

We are open to ALL Students and recent graduates

Free Membership


Advocating for Healthcare Justice.
Empowering Future Leaders.

We are open to ALL Students and recent graduates

Free Membership




California Health Professional Student Alliance

California Health Professional Student Alliance (CaHPSA) is the student section of California Physicians Alliance (CaPA). CaHPSA aims to cultivate leadership and advocacy skills among health professional students so they can effect change in the healthcare system, primarily through grassroots efforts, education, and community outreach, in support of comprehensive, high-quality, accessible, guaranteed, and affordable health care for all Californians.


  • Educate

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  • Empower through Leadership & Skills Building

  • Advocate

Legislation We Support

CaHPSA members join health care advocacy groups, including Health Access and California Physicians Alliance in supporting senate and assembly bills that will improve the quality of and access to health care in California. Members meet with their representatives during local legislative visits and the annual Lobby Day at our state capitol. Bills we have supported include:

Assembly Bill 72

AB 72: End Surprise Medical Bills was signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown and will allow consumers to only be responsible for their in-network costs, preventing unanticipated bills from medical providers and services that they didn’t choose or have control over.

Senate Bill 1010

SB 1010: Drug Pricing Transparency would have required drug companies to provide advanced notice of drug price increases and health plans to disclose the percentage of premiums spent on prescription drugs.

Senate Bill 4

SB 4 Health for All Kids was signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown in October 2015, expanding health coverage to all children in CA, regardless of immigration status.

Senate Bill 562

SB 562: The Healthy California Act the bill aims to create a publicly funded, privately delivered health care system in California that can serve as a model to the nation. The bill has passed the California State Senate.

CaHPSA Member Spotlight

Here we highlight members who have a strong record of involvement and commitment to CaHPSA’s mission. Our members include undergraduates, graduate students, medical students, post-baccalaureates, and recent college graduates.

Sinjin Swartz | Vice President External 2016-17, CaHPSA at UCSD

I first learned about CaHPSA and its mission while attending the annual UC Davis Pre-Health Conference in 2014. The Executive Director of California Physicians Alliance (CaPA), Dr. Bill Skeen, led a workshop there to discuss the different forms of health insurance coverage that exist in America.

As a low-income, minority, single-parent household, first-generation college student, this topic hit close to home. I knew then that I would get involved in efforts to increase healthcare access for the underserved, uninsured, and disadvantaged in California.


What Our Members are Saying

"CaHPSA is a program that allows me to heal and help others without the need of a medical degree. CaHPSA has allowed me to be a voice for others and contribute in a positive way to one’s health concerns, in hopes, that patients everywhere will be able to receive the treatment they deserve through the efficiency of a Single-Payer system."

Manuel Ortega

UC Merced
"CaHPSA is the perfect fusion of political science, public health, and healthcare advocacy. It provides the environment necessary for me, an undergrad, to advocate for the human right of healthcare. Through Project White Coat, I will be able to educate and assist the vulnerable communities within San Diego by registering them for healthcare insurance. "

Nathaly Gonzalez

UC San Diego
"Project White Coat has shown me the immense need for improved access to healthcare and has empowered me with the training and skills necessary to address this need."

Jason Xu

"CaHPSA provides a voice to students in California by fostering a pragmatic, inclusive and collaborative platform for advocating and educating in order to achieve Health Equity for all."

Matthew Musselman, DO, MPH Candidate

Touro University


Membership is free for all students! Join the CaHPSA mailing list to receive information about upcoming legislative visits, health advocacy and skill building events, and opportunities to get involved.